Daily Wrighting—Dec. 12, 2017

On Small Talk I am not an outgoing person. I've always hated small talk; I was an awkward, serious kid who wasn't good at it and didn't care for superficiality. That started changing when I started my own business practicing law after law school. I began to have a different mindset. I had to deal … Continue reading Daily Wrighting—Dec. 12, 2017


Daily Wrighting—Dec. 11, 2017

On Saving People From Bureaucracy The more I work as an attorney, the more I see the effect law has on people's lives. Especially when it comes to big government programs like Medicaid. Medicaid provides something good; it helps people get health care they couldn't afford otherwise. But to prevent abuse, give everyone due process, … Continue reading Daily Wrighting—Dec. 11, 2017