The Future of Print Books and Legal Publishing

Jared Correia interviewed Ed Walters in the latest Legal Toolkit podcast, providing a glimpse into the future of legal publishing. It's a fun conversation for book geeks, and it serves up some great insights. For example, big global publishers (Thomson Reuters, Wolters Kluwer) have found print books to be a drag on their business, but this has … Continue reading The Future of Print Books and Legal Publishing


Fastcase Adds More Secondary Content

The latest update in Fastcase's push for secondary content is its addition of Wolters Kluwers treatises. This is an important step, immediately giving Fastcase users alternatives to some of the biggest West and Lexis practice aids. Fastcase is playing with the big boys now. But for legal publishing as a whole, this is more of … Continue reading Fastcase Adds More Secondary Content

Full Court Press and Bar Associations

Since Fastcase's big announcement last week, I've continued to think about what it might mean for me as a practicing small-town lawyer in a small state. And the more I think about it, the more I realize it will probably be a long time before Full Court Press publishes much for me. I want somebody … Continue reading Full Court Press and Bar Associations

Fastcase’s New Publishing Arm

Fastcase announced its own publishing house last week: Full Court Press. The name comes from this New Yorker article about a basketball strategy that gives plucky underdogs a chance against bigger, more skilled, more traditional teams. It recognizes the monumental task of creating a body of secondary legal materials that can compete with West and Lexis. … Continue reading Fastcase’s New Publishing Arm