Attorney Benjamin Scott Wright

I’m a lawyer practicing estate planning and elder law. I used to work as an attorney editor at the State Bar of Wisconsin, and before that I practiced in Janesville as a solo lawyer. I’m still passionate about legal writing, editing, and publishing, which is why this blog exists.

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My day-to-day job involves drafting legal documents, reading laws and regulations, and making complex rules (estate planning, Medicaid) understandable for normal people. To do that, I use the skills I’ve learned as an editor: tightening, sharpening, and brightening the words I use to explain the law to my clients.

I love to read books about language, writing, and editing. You’ll find reference books on grammar, usage, punctuation, and style within easy reach of my desk. I also like to relax by playing board games with friends, who have learned to immediately hand me the rulebook (I always read the rules).

This proud Wisconsinite drinks New Glarus beer.

I grew up in Madison and Janesville, and I’m a proud Wisconsinite. I live in Janesville now with my amazing wife Gabby, who I married four years ago. Our first child, Miles, was born December 2017.