Experiments with Daily Posting and Deep Work

I’ve been taking a break from posting here since I ended my one-week experiment with daily posting. I wanted to write more. I’m happiest when I write—even more so when I publish.

It was a good experiment, but daily posting took too much time. I’d like to think I could fire off some pithy remarks like Churchill or Chesterton in the time it takes to drink my morning coffee. I cannot.

To write well takes time. To write well is my goal above all else. Lesson learned: my style of writing must take its time.

Deep Work

To that end, I read two books by Cal Newport over the holidays that have helped me focus on getting quality work done: So Good They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work. These books are about getting rid of distractions and doing hard, focused, uninterrupted, valuable work.

My daily posts worked against that; they got me writing a bit more, but it was shallow work. Daily posting distracted me. I was trying to do too much.

Now I’m taking the first hour or two of each workday for deep work. I’m putting the phone away. I’m planning my tasks for the day by time blocking. Most importantly, I’m tentatively quitting social media.

These changes have paid off. I get more work done and I’m less distracted. It’s easier to focus. I’m satisfied at the end of my day because I’m making progress toward my goals.


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