Daily Wrighting—Dec. 9 & 10, 2017

This weekend it’s one post for the price of two.

On the Stress of Spending

This Christmas season feels different to The Wife and me. Partly because it’s been unseasonably warm this year, and partly because she now stays at home. But mostly, really, because we’ve cut way back on going out to eat and shop so we can save money for our move next year.

Yesterday I realized this year feels different because it’s less stressful, busy, and chaotic. Our peacefulness comes down to this: we don’t visit stores and restaurants much anymore.

I never realized before how stressful it is to make everyday visits to shops and restaurants. When you think about it, though, every outing is full of opportunity for stress. Crowds, lines, inattentive drivers, rude cashiers, unpleasant shoppers, merchandise out of stock, long wait times, bad food, messed-up orders—all a regular part of being a consumer.

If you consume less; if you go out less; then you experience these negativities less.

Editing Thought of the Day

Americans capitalize each word of a heading; Brits capitalize only the first. I think the British way usually looks better, and you may have noticed me use it on this blog in other posts (if you’re the type of person who would notice such a thing).

I’m undecided between the two. The cardinal rule of writing, though, is to know your audience. My audience would probably think the British way looks odd. So I should stick with the American way.

Interesting Stuff

  • Nate Kontny, the CEO of internet software company Highrise, talks about Domino’s Pizza and connecting with customers in this article. He mentions how Highrise uses Bonjoro to send personal videos to each new customer. Wouldn’t it be great if a law firm did that?
  • Chad Burton talks about virtual law firms in this article for ABA Techreport. I think this way of practicing law is going to increase exponentially in the future.
  • Bonus: Chad Burton does nearly all his work with only his smartphone. What a way to live.
Little Guy helps Grandpa with Christmas decorating.


Little Guy meets our Christmas tree!




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